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I loved-ed you Piggy


Don't Poke the Penguin!
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Hello and Welcome to Jaunty Icons! I am an avid collecter of OTHER PEOPLEs icons, I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR ANYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH THE CREATION OF THESE BEAUTIFUL WORKS OF ART! Now that I have that out of the way, my name is Katrina, I made this community to share the vast amount of Icons I have appreciated and adopted. Thank you to all I have snagged them from, I love them all and appreciate the time and effort it took to make these.

If anyone would like to add Leave or take some that would be awesome, I'm only here to share the knowledge that these icons exsist.

There is only one rule and here it is

COMMENT IF TAKING AND TELL WHY IT CAUGHT YOUR EYE so that i know which are popular and which to stop looking for.

The only requests i can take are if you are looking for some kind of icon; EX: stickmen, disney, anime, flowers, icons with words, butterflies...you get the drift.